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Pneumatic Equipment Malaysia | Pneumatic Tool Malaysia | Air Cylinder Malaysia | Pneumatic Valve Malaysia | Solenoid Valve Malaysia | Booster Regulator Malaysia | Hi Rotor Malaysia | Fontal Malaysia

Company Profile
  • Contact:Melvin
  • Mail:myfontal@gmail.com
  • Fax:603-8023 9743
Company Profile
Q & A

1.  Why we choose Fontal?

Because Fontal is a professional manufacturer fully representing the KURODA pneumatic components for over 40 years. We has acquired the latest technology from Japan and established Pneumatic Cylinder Processing Plant, which provides and customizes a variety of products to the customers in an efficient, timely manner. These guarantees are the edges of the company, differentiating us from others and making us standing out in this industry.

2.  What is your global business network?

Quality is our priority. Therefore we have good relationship with our customers in the following areas:
Asia: China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and so on.
Americas: United States, Canada, Brazil, Honduras, and so on.
Europe: Germany, Britain, Russia, Switzerland, and so on.
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.
Africa: South Africa, Egypt, UAE.

3.  What is your pneumatic automation components application?

Fontal has strong R & D department and strict Q.C. Department. We are able to offers design, engineering, installation, project management, support and maintenance services for Electronic Components Industry, Machinery & Equipment Industry, Automated Machine Industry, Automobile Manufacturing, Construction Engineering Industry and Mining & Quarrying Industry all over the world.

4.  What kind of product range you have?

Fontal’s products are classified to 7 items follows:
Valve: Solenoid valve, Air Pilot Valve, Manual Valve and Mechanically Actuated Valve.
Air Cylinder: Air Cylinder (Round Type), Air Cylinder (Square Cover), Compact Air Cylinder, Air Cylinder With Lock, Mechanism and Air Cylinder With Brake Mechanism
Gripper: 2 Finger Gripper
HI-Rotor: Miniature Hi-Rotor, Standard Hi-Rotor, Hydraulic Hi-Rotor
Air Preparation Equipment: F.R.L. Unit and QUBE System Unit
Shock Absorber: SA & SAE Series and FSA Series
Additional Equipment: Flow Control Valve, Speed Control Joint, Fitting, Rotary Joint, Sensor Switch, Air Muffler, Silencer Throttle Valve, Exhaust Cleaner, Miniature Filter for Vacuum Line, Check Valve, Tube, Floating Joint and Rod End Bearing

5.  Do you have CE certificate?

Fontal cares about people’s safety and environment. Of course, we have CE certificate. CE Marking on Fontal’s product is our declaration that Fontal’s products complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European legislation. We manufacture products according to European standard. In addition, all our products meet the requirements of ISO-9001.

6.  Can Fontal develop new or customized products to meet customer requirements?

Customer requirements are our priority. We will offer our best service and solutions to customers.

7.  Does Fontal have European and American standard size as normal threads gage?

We have a strong R & D department and manufacturing capabilities. So we are confident in offer professional technical skills with pneumatic automation components experiences of 50 above years to customers.

8.  What is Fontal’s future prospect?

It is our prospect that being total solution provider in the industry of pneumatic automation components. We are looking forward to havin long-term relationship with customers all over the world.